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Start in Queen Valley where Queen Creek flows (sometimes) on the way to the town of Queen Creek.

4X4 through the magnificent Superstition Mountains.  Inspire your imagination of the survival in the 1800s and 1900s. View towering cliffs, feel the rugged terrain, check out untouched species of desert flora while watching for wildlife. You will be awed by unusual rock formations such as Elephant Butte.

Imagine how it must have been for the Indians, cowboys, prospectors and miners as they walked, rode mules and horses in the washes, canyons and mountains. Hear tales of the Lost Dutchman Gold Mine, Wagoner's Ledge and other lost treasures. You will travel over old stagecoach roads and the stops made to rest and change horses.

Take pictures of Weaver's Needle, Apache Leap, Kings Crown Peak and Picket Post Mountain to name a few. One of the many stops will be at the cemetery where it is believed that Mattie Earp is buried. Visit the copper town of Superior with a fascinating history. See the famous wagon tracks left in the bedrock from ore wagons with a 22 mule team that brought the ore for processing from the Silver King Mine to Pinal City. Not too far away are caves and a stronghold that was home to Apache Indians. Its quiet beauty may strike you in silence as you ponder their life and struggles. Only if these rocks could talk.

There will be many photo opportunities.

Handicapped and special needs welcomed.